Article Written by : Square Room Records

With spring and summer being just around the corner, you might want to get a brand new look. There are various ways through which this might be achieved. Either through a new haircut or a change in clothing and even a combination of both of these.

New Haircut

Gone are the long or wavy hair that you have worn throughout autumn and winter. Summer might be signifying a considerable change in the way to wear your hair. Some possible looks that are trendy this spring and summer are the boho waves. These carefree waves can be worn with casual summer dresses.

Long Tail

If you have long hair, instead of going for the cut, you might consider keeping your hairstyle trendy by going for the long tail. The tail would need to be slickly drawn at the back of your head and tightly tied to yield the best effect.

Braids and Twists

Numerous stars have been spotted rocking the braid even for red carpet events. The braid is trendy this season and can be worn either on the side or as part of the hair tied in small braids. This hairstyle leaves the imagination quite open and is ideally worn with summer dresses or shorts.

Big Bun

The big bun is a classic. It works great for just about any formal event. However, it can even be worn during the day when the heat is at its maximum and during moments when you would not necessarily want your hair on your face.