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Italy is home to not one, not two, but three fashion capitals of the world and has also given us a long list of fashion designers and designer brands; Gucci, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Armani, and the list goes on!  So many great designers have come from Italy and have forever changed and revolutionized the way we dress. Everyone wants to get some pieces from these famous and gorgeous designer labels but they all come with a price. For those who are filthy rich, they can afford it and have them with the snap of a finger. Visiting the country where it all stared would just be a bonus.

For everyone else who do no have the luxury of piles of disposable income, we have to be more conscious about the prices of our clothes. The solution to getting your clothes cheaper is of course outlet stores. Tuscany, has several outlet stores where you can get your favorite Gucci or Prada products al lower prices. They’ll be past season but that’s the tradeoff for the money you will save. You can plan your Tuscany vacations to include some time to go to these outlet stores and hunt for some designer wear for lower prices. And you while you’re there, you can go on Tuscany tours and see all that there is to see in the city. If you pick the right one, your tour might even include an outlet mall or two to make it easier to find and go to. is a trusted source for tour and vacation packages for destinations all over Italy. Book your Italy vacationsthrough the low-cost source online today!