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Age has a way of taking its toll on the body, especially when it comes to added pounds. Gaining weight and losing that slim, trim shape is just a fact of life. While we can’t turn back time, there are ways to fight the battle of the bulge – like wearing shape wear under clothing. Shape wear was invented to smooth out those unsightly bulges and create the illusion of a sleek, svelte body. It is available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes. Plus size body shapers are very popular and products like the black waist cincher would make the perfect addition to that little black dress for an evening on the town.


There are shape wear products available for just about any problem area on the body. Shorts style shape wear is good for slimming the thighs and hips. Bodice type shape wear is handy for slimming the torso area. Alternately, if more coverage and control is needed, shape wear comes in full-body styles that provide support from the ankles to the chest area. Shape wear can be worn under virtually any type of clothing – from pants to skirts to dresses to create a smooth and shapely silhouette.