Nowadays, there are a lot of toddler car seats readily available in the market. You may choose from popular brands such as Britax, Zooper strollers, baby jogger stroller and a lot more. However, when you choose a car seat or stroller, you should not simply rely on the brand name itself, you should always consider its durability to ensure that your child is safely buckled up inside your car.

All places in the United States of America practices a seat belt law for children aged three years old and below. In the state of New Jersey, they even extend these laws for children aged 8 years old and below or children weighing less than 80 pounds. These laws were imposed due to the high child related injuries and fatalities caused by poor car restraints in the past years. For your toddler car seat, choose those that are versatile to use. It is advisable to purchase a detachable seat and stroller to make transfers a lot easier for you. If you however, would like to purchase a car seat and a stroller separately, you may do so, only make sure that the stroller has proper adjustment options to fit any type of car seat.

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