Since the early 70s, spray tanning equipment have been vastly available due to the growing demands of people wanting to have that sun-kissed skin look. Spray tanning is a great way to hide blemishes such as scars, spider veins and other skin imperfections. It evens out your skin tone and gives you a healthy look. Through the years, manufacturers have developed several tanning equipments and the latest and most popular one is the HVLP spray tanning system.

The HVLP tanning equipment is very popular for good reasons, it is the most recommended and widely used by spas and tanning salons worldwide. The HVLP tanning system usually has three settings: high, medium and low, this gives the technician better control when tanning a client. It is also equipped with a heat function that helps the tan to dry faster. Most HVLP units have an automatic shut off to avoid overheating, as well as a deluxe gun to prevent leaks. For people who would want to start a tanning business, the HVLP tanning system is the best choice to start with as it is very easy to use. It may cost you a bit more initially but the investment will truly be worth it in the long run.