Learning to apply makeup that enhances the way one looks is what every woman wants, and perhaps learns along the way with mistakes galore as she makes her way into womanhood. Whether these mistakes are due to ignorance or the sheer lack of motor skills, every self-respecting woman would love to work on improving her ability to apply makeup affectively.

For this to happen, the tools that she uses are very important, and so here is a list of must-have makeup tools that every woman must possess:

1) Velour Powder Puff
Almost any professional makeup expert will tell you that a powder puff is one of the most important makeup tools that a woman requires, and of the velour type whether it entails applying pressed or loose powder.

2) Cotton Swabs and Cotton Rounds
Cotton swabs can be used for tiny makeup fixes whether it is to remove a dot of mascara or to clean up excess lip-liner.

3) Concealer, Smudge Eyeliner, Lip and Eyebrow Brush
The concealer brush is obtain a flawless complexion, while the short bristled smudge brush is good for blending eye-makeup to getting that ‘smoky eyes’ look right. The eyeliner brush helps you push the makeup along the lash lines so that you can get intense color at the bash of your eye lashes. The lip brush with a pointed head, helps you define your lips in such a manner that it looks like it was professional done. The eyebrow brush shapes your eyebrows while the lash comb defines brow hairs and removes mascara clumps.

4) Eyelash Curler
This implement gives you that perfect upward curl preparing your lashes for mascara.

5) Wedge Sponge
This is the perfect tool for applying foundation evenly and smoothing cream into your skin.