The body wax is a temporary but durable technique for hair removal. It pulls the hair at the root, the regrowth is far slower than any other non-permanent solution and over time and additional treatments the hair follicles become thinner.

You can do the body wax in Glendale, CA, or even at home with kits from the store. The results last four weeks or more, depending on the hair, and how many consecutive treatments you have done in the recent past. However, treatment at the salon is far more effective than home-based kits. The result is smooth, beautiful skin.

When it comes to men, as male hair is significantly thicker and more numerous, this method is rather painful, but it remains the simplest and fastest way for male hair removal. Especially for the back, the shoulders and chest. For anyone with sensitive skin, Cold wax strips that are much less painful can be a good alternative.

Waxing is suitable for both large areas of the body and smaller ones. It is used in particular to get rid of the mono-eyebrow and facial hair removal in Glendale, CA. Although the more popular are full body waxes and bikini waxing.

Waxing is one of those treatments that are better in the hands of a person with training and experience. If you are considering a waxing program, please make sure that you visit a reputed salon with trained professionals.