Although mistakes are part and parcel of life, a woman would be more than happy to avoid making rookie mistakes when it comes to the area of makeup. Of course, this is not if you want to wear a mask or look fake to which the obvious answer would be ‘no’ since this is in regards to a woman’s self-esteem.

Regardless of whether a woman is a novice or experienced in applying make-up, here are some mistakes that every woman can make:

1. Ignoring your skin.
2. Using the wrong makeup for your skin or makeup that settles into lines.
3. Wearing too much or no makeup at all.
4. Forgetting to update your products, colors or techniques.
5. Going to bed with makeup.
6. Using the wrong color foundation (which could also mean not using foundation that is too light or dark) as well as wearing too many eye shadow shades at once.
7. Focusing on just one ‘feature’ on your face.
8. Using cover up instead of concealer.
9. Attempting to draw on larger-than-life lips or create contours that do not exist.
10. Say bye-bye to too much blush
11. Using heavy lipstick.
12. Applying too much mascara.
13. Choosing a lip liner much darker than their lipstick that rather than helping your lipstick last all day bleeds into fine lines.
14. Using lip color that is too slippery, and which is prone to bleeding and feathering due to age.
15. Overdoing or not doing your eyebrows at all.