Article Written by : MMZ Online

Women are not the only ones searching for the best hairstyles for a first date. Men, too, want to look their best when taking a woman out, especially when it’s the first time. After all, first impressions go a long way. Fortunately, men might have it a little easier than women. Here’s a look at a simple but effective way to find the right hair cut for a first date, brought to you by the elite dating service New York Socials.

So you want to look your best on a first date? The key to finding a great hairstyle for a first date is finding one that looks good on you all the time. How? It has to do with the shape of your face.

For example, men with square faces look their best with hairstyles that feature longer hair on the top of the head than on the sides. Do you have an egg-shaped face? Bring balance to your look by growing out the hair on top of the head as well as hair that comes down to your sideburns. Guys with round faces look great with square cuts, while men with pointy shins look best with longer hair with full sides and bangs that come across the forehead. Not sure what works for you? Your best bet is to ask your barber to select a hairstyle based on the shape of your face.

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