Article Written by : Evolutions Studio

Having a healthy tan can make you look younger, vibrant and healthier. A nice tan gives you a beautiful glow that can make you look younger by years.

While having a great tan looks well on almost anyone, not everyone lives in the tropics with an abundance of sunshine or are able to go sun bathing regularly. Due to the popularity of getting a tan, a lot of people now frequent tanning salons to get a tan while only spending a fraction of the time that you normally would when sun bathing.

For years now, the most popular method of getting a quick and pretty tan is by hopping on a tanning bed in a tanning salon. However, studies show that the radiation exposure due to UVA and UVB emissions of tanning beds may cause melanoma or skin cancer. That is why, in recent years, people look towards spray or airbrush tanning solution for their tanning needs.

Using spray tan equipment gives you a radiant tan without the radiation exposure of sun bathing or tanning beds. Since it is sprayed on, you do not have to suffer through the post sunbathing redness before getting your tan. A spray on tan also means that you can get that warm look without having to spend hours under the sun or spend a lot of money on a tanning salon treatment. Since a spray tan is dispensed in mist form, it also means that you can get an even tan all throughout which you cannot get normally unless you tan in the nude.