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People who have good hair are usually those that take the time to take care of their hair daily. Here are 6 habits of women with healthy hair.

They use the best products for their hair – Look to buy sulfate-free products with special oils and use them to strengthen your hair. These products can be costly than off the shelf brands, therefore look for shopping deals online for special offers.

Make hair masks a ritual – Hair masks are great to hydrate dry hair that has been processed. Make your own masks using avocado, raw egg, and coconut oil and apply it weekly.

Wet your hair before you swim – Colored hair can go green when you get into a pool with strong chlorine. To avoid this, wet your hair before you jump in. This will cause your hair to absorb tap water and therefore soak up less chlorine.

Stretch those blowouts – Wait at least 4 days before washes and blowouts. This will prevent your hair from breaking.

Hair serums – Hair serums are formulated to add shine and reduce frizz. But remember not to use too much as it will weigh your hair down.

Set your heat tools to the lowest effective setting – Your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat irons all damage and dry your hair. Reduce damage by reducing your heat settings and use a heat protecting spray. If you don’t have the option to lower your heat setting, consider investing in a product that does. This is especially true if you use the heating product every other day. To spend less when you shop online, buy branded hair products that are on sale.


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