Opening up a clothing shop can seem daunting, seeing as when we go to the store clothes has gotten so expensive, especially good quality ones. However you’d be surprised at the wholesale prices available on the market these days, many places offer wholesale belts, wholesale jackets, shirts, shoes, jewelry and anything else to help your store expand.

It’s important to shop around, always check prices and compare, like you would when shopping for groceries. It’s more important to do it for your store as the more money you save, the more you can earn in the long run! Keep a spreadsheet available that has the type of shirt, the link, the price per unit and the price per minimum order. And compare the different sites etc. It’s very important to save as much as you can for your business, remember to calculate shipping costs as well! To be the most successful giving your customers the best prices is important, since the clothing market is extremely competitive in this day and age. Many people will just pick up clothes at their local wal-mart with groceries, so you have to make sure you have an appeal and price that is worth it. There are tons of people happy to support local businesses! Don’t order from two many different places, or your costs will skyrocket from shipping alone. Find one or two places that have what you need, and if you are lucky, you’ll just order from one place that’s worth it!