Winter is one of the best times of year for fashion because there are so many great options to coordinate. Light sweaters and trendy jackets can transform any modern day gal into a 1940s fashion model, if you know how to pick your clothes. Shopping vintage rings and clothes can give you a one-of-a-kind look for winter.


A cardigan sweater compliments almost any winter look, because they help keep you warm without bulking you up. For mild temperatures, try a cardigan with a skirt and tights for a cute winter ensemble. The texture is irresistibly soft, a quality that comes from the goat hair used to make the sweaters, and cashmere was built to last so you can find plenty of vintage styles.

Match Clothes

Going beyond colors, matching your clothes to your basic style is the best course of action here. Don’t decide to reinvent your color palette with vintage, it will be too expensive and take a long time to find the pieces you want. Instead, invest in complimentary colors for blouses and pants. Accessorize with estate jewellery to bring attention to understated parts of your wardrobe like your hair or neckline.


The key to avoiding the winter marshmallow coat is to layer your clothing. Several light layers, like a button up with a cardigan and a stylish vest will give you more colors to work with, and keep you warm without loading you down with heavy over coats.

The preceding guest post was written on behalf of antique dealer Cynthia Findlay Antiques. You can find antique rings and more estate jewellery at Cynthia Findlay’s website.