If there’s anything that a woman loves, it is checking out the latest trends by which she can give herself a makeover if things haven’t been so chic lately with her looks, or even if she just wants to shake things up a little. Ideally, one area of focus that most women spend a lot of time taking care of is their hair.

While hairstyles come and go every year, it becomes imperative for the obviously fashion-conscious woman to stay in touch with the hottest hairstyles every year. And so here are the latest trends that are in for the year 2010:

Hair Style #1: The Bob
Lots of shine with a smooth sleek curling and a blunt fringe, this short cut will accentuate your facial structure or a long, beautiful neck. The classic version, one with the mod look and along with bangs should go well depending on the aforementioned features.

Hair Style # 2: Long and wavy
Even though the ‘long and wavy’ hairstyle was adjudged the hairstyle of 2009, it is still making waves in 2010 as well.

Hair Style # 3: Straight Traces
Straight hair is also in, with the addition of the ‘middle parting’ making it look ever more fashionable.

Hair Style # 4: Over the top updos
While opening your neck as well as adding an extra five inches to your height, this hairstyle is a glamorous one.

Hair Style # 5: Classic Ponytails
This hairstyle worn both high and low has become a trend at the Spring-Summer runways in New York, Paris and Milan.