With summer on the horizon, all you can think about is getting into those bikinis and shorts, and hitting the beach. As summer gradually grows closer, it is also the best time for waxing. However, for some the thought of getting waxed, can sometimes be scary.

If you hate the idea of getting waxed and the pain associated with hair removal here are a few tips from Danie’s Beauty Salon that could help you reduce the much-feared pain:

Do some preparation beforehand. If you have not done a wax before or in a long time, you should buy off the shelf products and test your skin. One cause for a lot of anxiety before waxing is a previous experience that resulted in botched or damaged skin. You need to have the confidence that nothing will go wrong with your skin.

Choose the right professional for the job. Like we mentioned above, most anxiety has previous experience as a cause. What you need is a body wax in Glendale, CA done by a professional. Experience counts for a lot, and you pay for what you get. You and your skin need to be in safe hands, and take the time find the right person for the job. Visit a few salons and talk to the beautician and go with someone that makes you feel confident.

Lastly, you need to prepare your skin adequately. If you exfoliate your skin before the waxing session, you reduce the chance of skin irritation and reddening.