For most women, waxing isn’t the most relaxing and calming experience. Whenever you are looking at removing hair from the root, there is only so much anyone can do to limit the pain. It is true that women have higher thresholds for pain, but that is no reason to go into a procedure without making things easier on yourself. Here are some tips for making your body wax in Glendale, CA experience a bit better:

First of all, you need to wash and exfoliate the areas before you wax them. Do the exfoliation at least a day or two before the waxing, and that will help loosen the hair follicles enough to make it easier. Also, removing the dead skin cells helps during the waxing process.

Next, take a break from caffeine and other stimulants. These cause extra sensitivity and make you more aware of what is happening. In the case of wax, the less you feel, and the less sensitive you are, the better.

You can also take an anti-inflammatory like Advil to help reduce the pain before and after the procedure. The drugs will help with the inflammation, redness, and even the little bumps. Also, there are also numbing creams that help, but you need to ensure that your skin will not react with them.

Lastly, visit the Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA and find a place that you find comfortable so that you can be a little more relaxed during the waxing.