Summary: There are certain symptoms that new contact wearers will experience. Although they might seem like a cause for concern, many of them go away naturally.

When people opt for contact lenses as their vision correction tool of choice, there are some symptoms that they should be wary of. This article is designed to showcase some of the common symptoms that you may deal with while wearing contact lenses.

Frequent Lens Movement

If you feel like your contact lenses are moving, this is something that naturally should happen. The natural fluid flow in your eyes permit it, so they should be subtly drifting as you move your eyes around.


In the early stages of wearing contacts, people will often feel the lens, which may be a bit uncomfortable. It takes some time to get used to them because your eyes need to accept the lenses. Any feelings of discomfort will naturally go away after a short period of time.

Sensitivity to Light

New contact lens users will sometimes have heightened sensitivity to light. Like many of the other symptoms that you experience, this will also naturally go away with lens adaptation.

Slight Burning

This is one of the major concerns that new contact wearers become concerned about. A slight burning sensation in your eye can be alarming. What this means that your eyes are relatively dry and require moisture. Special eye drops that are designed for contact lenses are recommended and will re-lubricate your eyes. This should cause the burning sensation to dissipate. If you are experiencing sharp pain or other major discomfort, remove your contact lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor immediately.

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