With summer here, we are torn between late night dates, al fresco dinners, days at the beach and other summer events that we can’t avoid. For the single ladies (and gentlemen) looking up to dress up, according to Danie’s Beauty Salon, it’s time we switched out our usual makeup routines for a glossily glowing summer, and beach inspired natural makeup.

How do you get that glossy sunny look?

The first step is to get a tan. The fastest, easiest, and possibly healthiest way to tan is to get one at a Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA. You could always get a tan on the beach, but you also risk damage to your skin in the process. Even with adequate amounts of high SPF sunscreen, you still expose your skin to a lot of heat over a long period.

Next up is exercise. Your skin looks as healthy as you feel. Exercise promotes blood circulation which directly affects the look and feel of your skin. As you tone and tighten up, your skin will follow. When it comes to exercise, everything from a jog to yoga will have the desired effect. Pick something that you like and will continue even after the summer break.

Finally, adjust your diet. The better your diet, the more radiant and glowing you can make your skin. One tip is to eat fish rich in Omega 3’s. We often resort to products and make-up when something as simple as a healthy diet will go so much further.