Summary: Wearing a necklace can be a fashion mistake. However, the right design can make all the difference.

When it comes to jewelry, men are often hesitant to wear any piece, let alone a necklace. However, designers have often stated that men can and do look stylish wearing necklaces. Here’s a brief guide discussing how you can overcome your phobia of any jewelry item to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Men’s Jewelry Vs. Women’s Jewelry

Buying a necklace for a man is different than it is from a woman. For one, men aren’t going to wear anything that’s big and flashy, or littered with jewels that you’d often see with women. Furthermore, women’s jewelry is meant to be the centerpiece of an outfit, unlike men’s jewelry, which is strictly to complement an outfit – never to overwhelm.

What does this exactly mean? Typically, good jewelry for men should have a natural appearance, and more rugged and rough around the edges. Think of it like this: it’s like wearing something that’s been handed down to you from your grandfather who wore it for years – that type of rugged.

The Various Types of Jewelry

Now, there are some brighter and shinier types of men’s jewelry as well as some light and fragile items as well. Finding a balance in between can be the perfect combination for you and your outfit. Avoid any outlandish designs as it’ll catch people’s attention precisely because it’s just over the top. Religious jewelry is a prime example of something that’s simple, yet elegant in design. For instance, take the cross necklace, which is a common piece. There’s nothing exaggerated about it and it can complement nearly any outfit.

Men that wear necklaces properly won’t stand out and will make any outfit look balanced and stylish. They need to accent your wardrobe and make what you’re wearing “that” much better.

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